ARIS Broader Impacts Toolkit

The resources and tools on this site are designed to help Researchers and BI Professionals develop projects and partnerships that will satisfy the Broader Impact requirement of National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals, and help you fulfill your interest in communicating your science.

This site is brought to you by the Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) and Rutgers University.

Guiding Principles
What does NSF require?

Get a high-level overview of societally relevant outcomes and review criteria specified by NSF

Planning Checklist
What elements are needed in a BI project?

Use this list to review the key elements of an effective BI project proposal

BI Wizard
How do I develop my BI project proposal?

Our wizard will walk you through all of the key steps to building partnerships and effective projects

BI Project Rubric
How do I assess my project's potential?

Use this rubric to help you evaluate a Broader Impact project plan

Toolkit Quickstart and F.A.Q.
How do I use the tools in the ARIS BI Toolkit?

Learn about the various ways you can use the ARIS Toolkit to help you develop BI plans, review the BI plans of others, and communicate the societal impacts of your research.

BI Rubric Tutorial
Practice using the BI Rubric with an example plan

Use our example case study to practice evaluating a broader impacts plan using the BI Rubric. Then review our suggested ratings to see how all of the Toolkit tools can help you build a complete BI plan proposal.


As you go through the BI Wizard and other toolkit tools on this site, there are questions that ask you to record your thoughts for later reflection. This information is only saved locally in your web browser and is not shared with our server.