Step 3 - How will you do it?

Finally, you need to figure out how you will accomplish your project, which includes identifying the resources you need, budgeting for them, and making sure your project is successful by having an appropriate evaluation plan or partner.

One way to make sure your project is successful, and that you meet your BI plan objectives, is to make your project SMART. When you set SMART goals, you can bring structure and tractability to your goals and objectives.

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Set your mind to setting SMART Goals


Below are the five facets of SMART goals. Click on each for more info.

Specific Measurable Audience-based

Relevant Time-bound

Adapted from Designing Education Projects: A Comprehensive Approach to Needs Assessment, Project Planning and Implementation, and Evaluation, Second Edition, NOAA (2009).

As a reminder, here are some of your earlier notes...

Resources I will put into the BI budget to support partnerships and activities:

The time/effort my partners and I are willing to invest:

Existing human capacity, financial investment, and technological investment within my group or on campus:

As a reminder, here are some of your earlier notes...

Activities in my BI plan that can be evaluated:

How we will measure the BI plan activities:

Need help crafting a budget? Check out our budgeting page.

Need help figuring out how you can evaluate your project to make sure it is successful? Check out the page How will I know if my BI project is successful?

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