Step 2 - Who will you engage?

The next step in planning your Broader Impact project is to determine the most appropriate Target Audience with whom you wish to work.

In addition, you should identify the Partners with whom you will work to reach your Target Audience and/or develop appropriate resources and materials (e.g., lesson plans, videos, etc.) to support your efforts.

Students sitting on the floor of the Rutgers Geology Museum


Target Audience

Need help identifying an appropriate target audience? Check out our Audiences page.

How can this work support greater access or engagement with your research?

Which of these key NSF areas of BI engagement will you select:

  • Full participation of women, persons with disabilities and underrepresented minorities in STEM
  • Improved STEM education and educator development at any level
  • Increased public STEM literacy and public engagement with STEM
  • Improved well-being of individuals in society
  • Development of a diverse, globally competitive STEM workforce
  • Increased partnerships between academia, industry, and others
  • Improved national security
  • Increased economic competitiveness of the United States
  • Enhanced infrastructure for research and education including facilities, instrumentation, networks and partnerships.


Need help finding a partner? Check out our Partners page.

As a reminder, here are some of your earlier notes...

How we will collaborate:

How the partnership will operate:

Commitments am I making on behalf of myself vs. my institution:

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