Evolution of the Broader Impacts Wizard

The Broader Impact Wizard was created to assist investigators in developing a broader impact statement that will satisfy NSF Broader Impacts Criterion and fulfill your interest in communicating your science. The quick and easy five-step process will produce an outline of important points to include in your BI statement and will help frame discussions with your BI partners.

A brief history

The BI Wizard was created by COSEE NOW (Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence Networked Ocean World) with the support of the National Science Foundation under Grant No. OCE-0730719.

The BI Wizard is promoted by several colleges and universities as a very helpful tool for investigators constructing a BI Statement for NSF proposals and framing BI projects.

Where we are today

Revisions and additional information added to the BI Wizard are supported by the Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) through funding from the National Science Foundation under grants OIA-1810732 and MCB-1408736.

In addition to updating the BI Wizard, the ARIS provides professional development for investigators and BI professionals to increase capacity for writing great broader impacts plans.